The Bioenergy Life Center... 

where PureBioenergy elevates 

Well- Being to the next level.



Accessing this perfect, intelligent, pure Bioenergy, we use simple techniques combined in specific, proven, protocols to benefit all health conditions - simple to serious.



Keeping the immune system “well” is the only way to prevent illness and insure the self healing needed to maintain a healthy body energetically, physically and emotionally.


For Injury prevention, rehabilitation and peak performance - PureBioenergy helps athletes, dancers, actors, artists, writers, and business people be their best.

One of the most important experiences we had here was to witness other people getting better and this is like a miracle. You see the people coming in wheelchairs, unable to move, numb, frozen in their illness, and suddenly a day or two later you see a limb moving, a hand raising, and what is more important is you see how the healing is awakening in them. I think this is an extremely important thing you are doing here, allowing us to see how other people improve. How other people move from a state of numbness into a state of activity, and for that I think the experience at you event is worth everything.

Watch a video about our Bioenergy Life Projects.

Founded in 2009 by Zoran Hochstatter, the Bioenergy Life Center Healing Events/Projects have helped people of all ages with every health problem - from a simple injury to conditions deemed "incurable".


By restoring and balancing energetic information, the use of Purebioenergy addresses the optimization of HEALTH.

The Healing process does not focus on illness but awakens the energetic potential of well-being within everyone.

I am in awe over the effects we were witnessing. We could see how all of them went through a visible change in their eyes, faces, their outlook from day 1 to day 4 of treatment, their conditions improved or healed, the energy of the group changing from separate individuals coming for treatment into friends smiling to each other, delighted to share all and every ones progress, the woman with MS able to move her legs and go from the wheelchair to sit on a chair, the young suicidal woman apathetic and totally depressed coming alive, smiling, her outlook transformed into hope, another woman with a breast tumor shrinking...a young man getting rid of his back pains.” I feel very privileged…
— Participant -London Event

Zoran Hochstatter
Bioenergy Life Center Founder

The energy in the room becomes nurturing and stable. People talk to each other, exchange impressions and compliment each other‘s signs of improvement. The lack of privacy of the treatment space becomes a huge benefit. Emotionally, we participate to each other‘s healing. We become an inseparable part of this energy field that supports and unites us.
I felt an energy…It was like a wave, a wave flooding through, and you could feel the pain being removed ….and that my body, heart, and mind were in sync and more receptive…and the ultimate feeling of it is one of deep happiness.

Upcoming Healing Events

Pop Ups

Pop Up Healing Events are offered in local communities and are led by Zoran Hochstatter and his certified PureBioenergy Team. Click your choice below to reserve your place. You can also contact us here for more info.


Sarasota, FL - November 3 - 6, 2019

London, UK (Lancaster Gate) - November 17 -20, 2019