How a PureBioenergy Healing Event WORKS

Bioenergy therapy, when performed in a group, provides yet another dimension in the healing process by magnifying it through group dynamics.

During the event each person receives individual attention within the group of other participants. 

A complete therapy is always four sessions on four consecutive days thus each Healing event is four days long.

Four days in a row allows the physical body to “catch up” with the energy body and a repetition of the same process magnifies the abilities of the body’s self-healing potential.

Every day during the event, practitioners work with each person individually within the supportive and relaxed environment of a group.

The event typically lasts around 2 – 2.5 hours where each person participates in their session of 15 – 30 minutes, depending on the protocol needed.

It is important to know that while in the group you are not just waiting for your time with the practitioner but as you observe, you are actively involved in your own healing.

The longer you stay within the group the longer you will receive the positive effects of bioenergy.

Results can be experienced immediately but the full effect of the process will be best felt and measurable after 7–10 days.

The body needs time to do its work and improvements will sometimes take up to a month to reach their peak.

Due to limited space all participants must register beforehand.

Caregivers, parents or a close family member bringing a participant are welcome to join the group as an observer free of charge.