Here are just a few of the thousands of results experienced at our Bioenergy Life Center Healing events.

"My daughter came in walking with a cane and after treatment she got up and said, “Mr. Pain is gone!”

"I just wanted to say thank you so much for the treatment! I went to the healing session in Seattle  for scoliosis and just went in for an x-ray. The curve in the lower part of my back reduced from 31 to 24 degrees and my spine has started to rotate back into the correct position! The chiropractor I go to said that such improvements are usually seen only after 6 months.

Thank you."


"The biggest improvement is in the “biggest complaint”, if I may say. The fatigue, the lack of motivation, which comes from the development of the illness (Parkinson's Disease). I have felt much better, been in a much better mood, been much more responsive to the process that is happening here, you know the very casual atmosphere, the lack of rigidity, which made me very relaxed, very rested, and included in this is the openness to being healed."

"I started crying when Jean Harry started walking. I’ve known him for a long time. I pushed that man in a wheelchair since April. He couldn’t get out of his chair. It was pretty amazing."

"My injury point has decompressed a lot, I'm able to move, I'm able to use my arm during the day without pain, and I've noticed that the discoloration that usually goes with it because it's being compressed isn't there."

"I was thinking this morning “It's a miracle” because I had severe pain in my left leg which I felt was a progression of the Parkinson’s that I just hadn't had any positive results with through diet or exercise or any of the other things I was doing, and the pain was getting worse. I now have no pain. I have not had pain for three days. On the second day I reduced my medication by one third, which was a major step for me, and my goal is to get off medication completely."

"We are doing great, my mother in law is not using the cane anymore and I got the IEP meeting for K. ( autism)  and because of his progress he have been promoted to a general education class just in the subject of his strength which is Math just to begin with. As the time goes by they will see his performance the idea is to be pulled in all other subjects. Thanks a lot for your invaluable help and look forward to see you in the next clinic."

“It was a class affair with state-of-the-art practitioners--plus interesting participants. I believe it would be impossible not to experience improvement. I had a great sense of well being. PureBioenergy resonates with me as being very authentic and profound.”

“My daughter’s speech therapist stopped me the other day in school and was all excited about how she cooperated with her for 45 minutes. She answered everything correctly (pointed to pictures) and even said a word. Her agitation was gone as well a week after your treatment.”

"On the train home Eva (her daughter  suffering from depression) was laughing and joking, something I have not seen for a long time. Just so lovely. I slept for 9 hours last night - my normal sleep time on the chemo has been 3 - 4. The best way | can describe how I feel today is an internal peace, no fear, which has long eluded me….my feet are still warm! I should perhaps explain that one of this chemo side effects is reduced/altered nerve responses in the hands and feet, which gives a kind of erratic, painful, pins and needles when extremities are cold. Warm feet - bliss!)"