Have some Questions?


Do I have to attend all four days of the group event?

Yes, optimal results are shown in four consecutive days so please make time to attend all four days.


Will I be “cured” in four days?

The four days are considered one complete session and sometimes this is all you need. If more is needed the treatment can be repeated after a break of minimum of a week. Some conditions will just disappear and some will need a follow up. Your body does the healing, all people are different, and so we can not estimate how much therapy you may actually need.


When I feel better can I stop taking my prescription drugs?

Your physician prescribed your medication and only he or she can take you off your prescription.  When you experience the improvement in your condition we recommend that you see your doctor again and together you can decide what to do. We do not interfere with allopathic medicine in any way.


I want to continue with treatments after the group event is over. What can I do?

After your treatment wait for a week or ten days. That is when the peak effects of our work are evident. Then, if there is a need, you can schedule your next group event. There is almost never a need to rush.


I came as an observer with my daughter and my arthritis pain actually went away. Why?

You were in the room full of energy directed at healing and with the help of group dynamics you received some of the benefits of the bioenergy by just being there.


I didn’t feel any changes but my husband says I walk straighter and look better. Why don’t I notice the change?

Even when changes are quite dramatic some people don’t /can’t recognize them in themselves. It is because of their acceptance of their condition and the resolve to cope with it.  Change can be scary. Even though they wish to get better, deep down they doubt that it is possible and they stop their own progress by not seeing/feeling the changes. It is very important that somebody notices the changes and points them out. Our physical condition is very closely connected to our thoughts.


While attending the group I didn’t feel much but two weeks later my pain disappeared. Why did it take so long?

It took this long for the energy/information to reach you on the non-conscious level and cause all the physiological changes that were necessary for healing.


I cried during my treatment. What does that mean?

Your emotions are a part of you. The information that comes with this energy reaches you wherever it is necessary and sometimes this causes an emotional release or unwinding which is part of the healing process.


After attending a few groups my tumor decreased in size but my doctor still wants me to do Chemo. What do I do?

We cannot comment on decisions, which involve medical procedures. We are not doctors and we strictly address your body’s self-healing potential. 


Are the group events free?

To make Bioenergy available for everyone we regularly schedule contribution based Bioenergy Life Center Pop Ups. These events are for the community and are for all ages and help all conditions. All participants generously give according to their results and their financial situation.

Because of limited space in our events you must register to reserve your space.

Still have more questions? Please contact us and we will be happy to reply.